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Russland zivilisieren

Petro Balog ist Pastor in Kyjiw. Er ist sich sicher, Russland wird weitermachen, egal ob die Ukraine in die NATO will oder nicht. Aber: Er hält es für möglich, Russland irgendwann zu verzeihen.

Ukrainians are Googling "How to shoot down a drone from home?"

Ukrainian policemen in the city of Kyiv shot down a Shahid drone using conventional service weapons.

Echoes of Bucha in Izyum

With its sudden capture and quick liberation from Russian forces, the city of Bucha became the greatest example of the torture and looting in the Russian-Ukrainian war. Now the city of Izyum in the Kharkiv region has become the newest example after its liberation by Ukrainian forces in their eastern counteroffensive.

Filtration Camps

Ukrainians who want to escape from occupied territories into territories controlled by Ukraine have to go through so-called filtration camps organized by the Russian army. "If they have photos containing pro-Ukrainian symbols, they beat and torture them. They call it 'denazification'"

Chernobyl now

Why the situation in Chernobyl is nearing another catastrophe again?