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Particulary positive news:
> The first wedding ceremony was held in Bucha after its liberation by the Ukrainian Army.
> Fifty rescued residents of Mariupol went to Bukovel for rehabilitation.

Other news:
> Ukrainians are forced to accept "LNR / DNR citizenship" in the occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk.
> At the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, there are reports that Russian troops attacked an evacuation car.

Particulary positive news:
> 40 civilians were evacuated from Luhansk region.
> The Armed Forces of Ukraine took control of several settlements on the border of Mykolayiv and Kherson regions.

Other news:
> Ukrainian defense forces launched a counteroffensive in Kharkiv region.
> In the Donetsk region, Russian forces used phosphate munitions: two were killed and four were injured.

Particulary positive news:
> 156 people were evacuated from Azovstal to Zaporizhzhia.Russia is preparing to evacuate the families of Russian officers from Transnistria.
>A summer camp for Ukrainian children will be opened in Rome.

Other news:
> The sixth package of EU sanctions against Russia was discussed including a total ban on oil imports, possible sanctions for war crimes in Bucha, more banks disconnected from SWIFT and a ban on propaganda.
> Russia is preparing to evacuate the families of Russian officers from Transnistria.

Particulary positive news:
> 49 civilians were evacuated from Luhansk region.
> Israel will allocate a quota for the treatment
of wounded Ukrainian servicemen in its hospitals.

Other news:
> The United States has handed over 80% of its
promised M777-Pentagon howitzers to Ukraine.
> The Russian military used maps of Kyiv from 1987 in its invasion of the city, according to National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

Positive news:
> As of April 1, 4,300 Ukrainian refugees have found work in the Netherlands.
> More than a hundred evacuated civilians of Mariupol have arrived in Zaporozhye.

Other news:
> More than 200 people were detained during May Day anti-war rallies in Russia.
> The US Congress has prepared a resolution for the introduction of American forces in Ukraine.


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