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“I Feel Safe In Basement”

“A few days after the war began, we learned to distinguish missiles flying by their sound. Every time when the ground shook and trembled, we ran to a bomb shelter, knowing that shelling is coming”, Olena Shovgenya, 42, from Kharkiv said.

Chernobyl now

Why the situation in Chernobyl is nearing another catastrophe again?

Law to kill

Ukrainian lawyers have outlined who can kill Russian soldiers and on what occasions

Russischer Rapper unterstützt die Ukraine

Zum Auftakt seiner Konzerttournee „Russians Against War Tour“ spendete der Musiker Oxxxymiron an die Ukraine

Evacuation continues..

Thousands of people at the country’s railway stations are waiting to be evacuated to a safer place. Volunteers of the Emergency Response Teams of Ukrainian Red Cross in different parts of the country are on duty around the clock at railway stations. In the tents of Ukrainian Red Cross, volunteers help hundreds of people, providing them with first aid, first psychological aid, water and snacks.