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600 million hryvnia in 3 days

On June 22nd, (his birthday), Serhiy Prytula announced the collection of 500 million UAH per week to buy three Bayraktars. On June 24th, the fund’s account had already collected 600 million UAH!

Aktuelle situation in Charkiw und region

Seitdem die russischen Truppen, welche in der Region Charkiw aktiv waren, während der ersten Maihälfte erfolgreich Richtung eigener Staatsgrenze zurückgedrängt werden konnten, hat sich die Lage im Vergleich zu der davor etwas entspannt. Doch wie schauen aktuell der Alltag und die Entwicklungen in der Stadt wie auch an der regionalen Front aus? Denn ruhig mag es vom normalen Lebens- und Wirtschaftsgeschehen her sein, aber noch lange nicht seitens Kriegsaktivitäten.

President Zelenskyy’s home city is under attack

The armed forces of the Russian Federation attacked the territory near the city of Kryviy Rih where Volodymyr Zelenskyy was born.

June 20th to June 24th

A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

10 million euros donated in one day

The Ukrainian people are not only fighting back by joining the army; they're also fighting back with their wallets!

Bucha rises from the ashes

A team of volunteers has restored the city of Bucha which had been almost completely destroyed by Russian artillery strikes.

The foreign-born fighters facing execution for fighting on behalf of Ukraine

Two American volunteers who fought on the side of Ukraine were captured by the Russian army, reports The Telegraph. They will face the fate of other foreigners who were sentenced to death by the puppet regime of the Donetsk quasi-republic at the behest of Moscow.

June 14th to June 17th

A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Man dies in explosion while swimming in sea

An accident occurred on the beach in the resort village of Hrybivka, 40 kilometers from Odesa, when a 50-year-old man decided to swim in the sea.

Mines in the sandbox

In one of the Ukrainian cities that were under Russian occupation, children found a mine on a playground. It was only by luck that no one was hurt. The State Emergency Service shared news of the shocking find.

One hundred percent hit

The Russian army launched strikes with Kalibr class cruise missiles in Lviv, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and Chernihiv regions. Ukrainian air defense shot down all four missiles, but six people, including one child, were injured from falling debris.

Captured tank gunner spoke about shooting at civilians in Ukraine

A resident of Donetsk, who served as a tank gunner in the troops of the unrecognized Donetsk People's Republic, admitted to shelling residential buildings in which there were civilians.

In the shadow of war: Moldova struggles as Russian invasion continues

Moldova, Europe’s poorest country, is on the brink as Ukrainian refugees keep pouring in, and tensions in Transnistria intensify.

June 7th to June 10th

A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

German Minister for Culture and Media visits Odesa

German Minister Claudia Roth spent two days in Odesa on a working visit. The politician visited cultural events and promised to help the city to preserve its cultural heritage and speed up the process of the city center’s inclusion to the UNESCO world heritage list.

Luhansk Region: mass graves, shelling and occupation

In the city of Lysychansk, 150 civilians, killed by Russian soldiers, are buried in one mass grave, according to Serhiy Haidai, the head of the Lugansk regional military administration.

Hundreds Mines are Being Defused in Ukraine Each Day

Russian soldiers set mines in 30 million hectares of Ukrainian territory. Only about 10% of the territory has been cleared of mines so far. Our reporter documented pyrotechnicians defusing the deadly weapons in the village of Yahidne near the city of Chernihiv in northern Ukraine on Tuesday.

French journalist killed in Luhansk region

The journalist died on the spot after the evacuation bus he was on was hit by a large-caliber shell, presumably an aerial bomb.

May 31st to June 3rd

A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Forced mobilization in the "DPR”

Russia has armed and forcibly-mobilized all men in the Donetsk region of Ukraine

Farming in a minefield

More than 400 Ukrainian farmers have applied for clearance of fields that were mined by retreating Russian troops.

Two cities - one fate

90% of the Luhansk region is occupied by the Russian army. The shelling of residential areas practically does not stop. The town of Rubizhne has shared the fate of Mariupol: there are no surviving houses in it, and many are so destroyed that they cannot be repaired.

May 23rd to May 27th

A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Ukraine's defense minister wants to arm 1 million

At the beginning of the war, the number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was about 250,000. According to Ukrainian law, it cannot exceed 261,000 people, including 215,000 servicemen. The Russian army by comparison totals around 900,000 soldiers.

Mariupol: A Survivor's Story

Maria Kutnyakova lived on the brink of death for 22 two days of the Russian occupation. She is one of those who managed to survive and get out of the Mariupol.

Bicycle tires instead of tourniquets

In the first weeks of the Russian invasion, the approximate shortage of tourniquets in the Ukrainian army was about 13,000.

Attack on an Odesa ammonia plant

On Friday, May 20, Russia launched a missile strike on an ammonia production facility in Odesa.

Fratricidal war

Almost every Ukrainian has relatives who fight in the Russian army or live in Russia, the Security Service of Ukraine reports.

Minus $13 billion

Russia has lost $13 billion - this is the cost of military equipment destroyed by the Ukrainians during the three months of war they’ve waged in Ukraine.

In the maze of Azovstal

These are the Mariupol defenders pictured in the labyrinths of Azovstal. One of them, named Dmitry Kazatsky, asked to publish these pictures before being taken into captivity by the Russians. TRIGGER WARNING

Shelled by mortars and BM-21 Grad launchers

A migrant from Russia shared how he fled from the Ukrainian city of Rubizhne during an attack by Russian troops

Russia hit the Donetsk region with BM-30 Smerch and missiles

"Russian troops fired on the civilian population from aircraft, tanks, heavy artillery, Smerch multiple launch rocket systems, as well as cruise missiles," Ukrainian law enforcement officers report.

May 16th - May 20th

A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Blockade of Mariupol defenders

Since late April, Mariupol defenders have been blockaded at the Azovstal plant.

Russia attacks the Chernihiv region again

In the early morning of May 17th Russian missiles hit the village of Desna.

Missile attack in Odesa

Missiles hit Odesa region: a summer resort was destroyed, and a child was wounded

Coming home… if there’s one to go back to

How damaged cities in Kyiv Oblast are coming back to life. Photo report.

May 9th - May 15th

A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Why the Donbas encirclement will fail

The Russian army has attempted to encircle the Ukrainian forces in Donbas. But there are five military reasons why they won't manage to do that.

“How will I live when I am not a man anymore?”

Women, men and teenagers are victims of sexual violence by Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

Finland to join NATO

Finland has announced plans to join NATO.

Missile attack in Odesa on May 9

7 missiles from the Soviet times were fired at the city.

Not their war: the children killed in Ukraine

Losing a son is unbearably tough. My wife is beside herself with grief, crying all the time. It is a pointless war, we haven't done anything to them.

War Update. Day 75

Ukraine continues to defend its future and its freedom in the war of Russian aggression. The main fighting is now taking place in eastern Ukraine.

The most intense attack on Odesa to date

This weekend Odesa faced the most intense missile attack since the beginning of the war

Maybe he will see again

9-years-old Denis Voronoy, suffered a severe head wound during heavy shelling in Chernihiv and nearly lost his eyesight


A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Music during the war

How Ukraine's professional musicians are fighting on the cultural front.

"Save The Military of Mariupol"

On May 4th, a protest was held in support of Mariupol in the center of Kyiv (picture story)

KATAPULT-Ukraine team

We have journalists reporting to us from four different countries.

8 mass graves were found in the Kyiv Oblast

Mass graves were found near Kyiv: There are indications that the dead were tortured before they died.

Attack on Odesa on May 2nd

One killed and one injured - both teenagers

Mariupol evacuations

More than 100 people were evacuated from Azovstal

Kherson Oblast Under Occupation

The southern Ukrainian Oblast of Kherson, which once had over one million residents and borders occupied Crimea, is now one of the “bloodiest ” areas in Ukraine.

The last 24 hours in Ukraine

A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

UN confirms 6,009 civilian casualties of war crimes

The UN continues to investigate war crimes, but what awaits Russia for crimes against humanity?

Head of Russian media channel predicts nuclear war

The head of the Russian state-controlled television channel RT, Margarita Simonyan, said in a recent program that she expects nuclear war.

Filtration Camps

Ukrainians who want to escape from occupied territories into territories controlled by Ukraine have to go through so-called filtration camps organized by the Russian army. "If they have photos containing pro-Ukrainian symbols, they beat and torture them. They call it 'denazification'"

Concert in Irpin

On April 26th, famous Lithuanian pianist Darius Mažintas gave an open air concert.

36 years after the Chernobyl disaster

The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is the biggest nuclear man-made disaster in the world.On February 24th, 2022, the nuclear power plant was under a new threat during the Russian invasion.

Dismantling the "Reunification of Ukraine and Russia” sculpture

The sculpture under the People's Friendship Arch will be dismantled in Kyiv, and the arch itself will be renamed.

Second phase of Ukrainian war

Russia has named their next goals in Ukraine: Taking full control of the Donbas Region, as well as the territory of southern Ukraine to be used as an exit to Transnistria.

Minenräumung in der Region Kyjiw

In Folge des russischen Angriffkriegs, neutralisierten ukrainische Spezialisten insgesamt 68.345 Sprengkörper und 417,4 kg Sprengstoff sowie 1.938 Flugzeugbomben. Bisher durchkämmten sie eine Fläche von 11.640 Hektar im gesamten ukrainischen Gebiet.

Putin fordert Angriffsstopp auf Asow-Stahl

Putin nannte die Idee, das Werk Asow-Stahl zu übernehmen, nicht ratsam

Groß angelegte Offensive um den Donbass

Am Morgen des 18. April begann die Russische Armee eine Militäroperation in der Ostukraine

Ehrentitel für ein Verbrechen

Putin ehrt die 64. Selbstständige Motorisierte Schützenbrigade, die sich während der Ermordungen in Butscha aufgehalten haben.

Erfolg für ukrainische Streitkräfte

Ein Unternehmer aus Odessa hat ukrainischen Streitkräften die genauen Koordinaten seines Landhauses mitgeteilt, ​​weil russische Truppen dort ihre militärische Ausrüstung gelagert haben. Diese Truppen wurden in kurzer Zeit bezwungen.

I Gave Everything to the War Effort

I gave everything to the Ukrainian army: a weapons collection, all of my savings, my real estate and two cars. “I kept only a military uniform for myself”, the Ukrainian female soldier told KATAPULT Ukraine

Die Hälfte des Landes muss von Minen geräumt werden

In der Ukraine werden immer mehr Landminen vergraben. Ein Spezialteam hat bisher schon über 2.000 Bomben gefunden und neutralisiert

Chemischer Waffeneinsatz in der Ukraine?

Russland könnte laut Berichten verbotene Waffen einsetzen. Das berichtet das Asow-Bataillon. Die Informationen dazu werden derzeit vom ukrainischen Verteidigungsministerium überprüft.

Die Oblast Kyjiw nach der „russischen Befreiung“

23 Bilder aus den Orten Borodjanka, Irpin, Dymer, Rudnja-Talska

"Barbecue" Under Fire

The harsh everyday life of the inhabitants of Mariupol, who cannot leave the city, surrounded by Russian troops.

Escape from Gostomel

“We could be killed at any time, and because of that, we wrote our names on our wrists so we could be identified”.

Chornobayivka 14:0

14 Russian attempts to take Ukrainian airfield failed

Die zerstörte Stadt Irpin

In Irpin gab es starke Gefechte zwischen der ukrainischen und der russischen Armee. Die Ortschaft wurde stark beschossen und ist zu weiten Teilen zerstört.

In the City Center of Bucha

A massacre of the Ukrainian population was committed in Bucha. Ukrainian media outlets have reported the discovery of 300 corpses with more being found every day. How does situation look in the center of the Kyiv suburb look at the moment?

Das Zentrum von Butscha

In Butscha wurde ein Massaker an der ukrainischen Bevölkerung verübt. Ukrainische Medien berichten jeden Tag über neue Leichenfunde. Derzeit sind es über 300. Wie sieht es derzeit im Zentrum des Kyjiwer Vororts aus?

They Vilely Kill Us Here

Sergei Perebyinis lost his wife, teenage son and nine-year-old daughter. His family were killed by mortar shelling while trying to evacuate from the town of Irpin near Kyiv

Day 40th

List of key events in Ukraine

Facing the War

A female pharmacist is seriously injured after the city of Kharkiv was shelled by Russian artillery TRIGGER WARNING